We create beautiful Adventist experiences through both self-initiated and client-commissioned projects.

With a focus on how design-thinking can influence every aspect of a project, we use our capabilities in research, strategy, and user-centered design to inform compelling solutions that improve the quality of Adventist experiences ranging from events to digital interactions. We are primarily strategists, and when our work has a visual output, we ensure that it is informed by and aware of its context as well as its audience, so that it can effectively compete in our visually crowded and fast-moving world.

We are problem solvers,
not decorators

We are partners,
not vendors

We don’t work for you;
we work for your audience

Reasons to work with us

What we’re working on right now:

You’re facing a big challenge and know you need to do something, but don’t know what that is
You’re a forward-thinking organization that values design and is seeking to communicate effectively with a design-conscious audience
You want to work with a studio that knows both Adventism and design at a high-level
You want to fundamentally re-think the way your organization works and would like to engage design-thinking to help
You need help crafting a pitch or proof of concept for key stakeholders
You’re looking for strong creative direction, leadership, and perspective
You’re looking for a long-term, multi-disciplinary creative partner that can work alongside your internal team or help them improve their skills

Reasons to work with someone else

What we’re working on right now:

You’re not interested in a long-term relationship
You’re shopping around for the lowest price
You know exactly what you want and “just need a designer” to execute


What we’re working on right now:

Experience Design
Identity Design
Creative Direction
Art Direction
Graphic Design
Web Design & Development
Video & Motion Design

How we work with clients

As a design consultancy, we typically begin new client relationships around strategic initiatives. This focus on strategic design means the time required to begin working with a new client typically requires at least a $5,000 initial investment. This ensures we have time to establish an understanding of your existing brand, your long-term goals, and your audience, which serves as a foundation for a long-term partnership. After this work has been done we are in a much better position to execute efficiently on smaller projects on an as-needed basis.

One additional factor we consider when thinking about a good fit is the breadth of what we will be able to accomplish together. We find that we add the most value to ministries that are in a position to invest at least $30,000 in design fees over a 12-month period. This isn’t a magic number—and it doesn’t determine whether or not we work together—but it does indicate that an organization has taken seriously the need to rethink fundamental aspects of their brand, and has budgeted appropriately to ensure dramatic results.

Our preferred pricing model is for clients to purchase time and pay for it in advance. We have found this to be the most equitable method of pricing, as you only pay for the time they need, and we don’t need to worry about scope creep. We don’t attempt to determine how much one client can afford vs another or adjust fees based on the type of work—we simply charge the same hourly rate to all of our clients.


Voice of Prophecy
Sonscreen Film Festival
Your Story Hour
Liberty Magazine
Adventist Review
Pioneer Memorial Church
Andrews University
Union College
NAD Communication
GC Ministerial
GC Sabbath School
GC Communication

What we’re working on right now:


“I’ve worked with Types and Symbols on a number of projects and have been consistently pleased with the results. I’m always impressed by their ability to take a wide variety of directives from a diverse team and synthesize them into a final product that satisfies everyone.”

Jarod Thomas
Communications Manager,
GC Ministerial Department

“Seven years ago, when Andrews University needed expert design help to brand the Andrews Study Bible, it was no surprise that the university’s in-house communication team turned to Mark Cook and his team. Cook’s insightful, high quality service has become a hallmark of Andrews’ identity, as the Study Bible has become a compelling force in advancing the work of the Advent movement around the world—great design for the Good News.”

Ronald Knott
Director, Andrews University Press
publisher of the Andrews Study Bible

Our self-initiated work

When we started Types & Symbols we knew we would find clients who shared our desire to create beautiful Adventist experiences. But we also started with many ideas of our own, and we wanted the studio to be a platform for realizing them.

If we were intentional about it, we realized that we could be our own and most-ideal client, allocating generous amounts of time and trust to the design process. Instead of simply expressing or dressing or reformatting an existing concept, we could use the design process to help shape the idea itself—question it, poke at it, and validate it, before getting into visuals.

We’ve been very fortunate to be able to make time for some of these self-initiated projects. The first we are sharing about publicly is The Conflict Beautiful, a new, beautifully designed, hardcover set of Ellen G. White’s Conflict of the Ages series.

If your organization is interested in supporting to, contributing to, or partnering together on design-led or design-centric experiences, feel free to get in touch.