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Creating a unified diversity


Andrews University was established in 1874 as the flagship educational institution of the Seventh-day Adventist church. We worked closely with the Office of Integrated Marketing & Communication to update the school’s identity to reflect the precision, rigor, and diversity represented within the student-experience. The symbol had technical flaws in the way it was drawn, the color palette was restrictive, and the logo was only designed to work as a horizontal mark. In addition, design guidelines were never established. This caused the identity to be applied inconsistently, and resulted in an incoherent brand presence as colleges, schools, departments, and divisions attempted to resolve these issues independent of one-another.


Refining the logo

The existing logo was less than a decade old and still gaining recognition outside of the University when we were engaged to hone the identity. It was critical to retain the core aspects of the brandmark while fixing some of the inherent visual problems. The symbol was redrawn to accurately reflect the proportions of the gothic windows seen within a number of iconic campus buildings, the overall line quality was refined, and typography was kerned appropriately.


Codifying the identity toolkit

The refined brandmark was formatted into a vertical lockup to provide flexibility within a range of applications; the color palette was expanded; and supporting typography was selected. Andrews University is a complex institution that required a sophisticated and easy-to-understand brand architecture to help every person on campus know how to implement the new identity toolkit. We designed the solution and codified rules around logo usage into a standards manual to guide implementation.


Designing the stationery system

We created a systemic stationery system that accommodated over 800 unique colleges, schools, departments, and divisions and leveraged the on-campus print shop to provide an economical solution.


Extending the applications

We designed a series of sample applications to inspire, educate, and guide ongoing implementation of the Andrews University identity toolkit.


“It’s always been a great pleasure to work with Mark—both personally and professionally during my time here at Andrews University.

Over the last 15 years, he’s helped thoughtfully and creatively articulate the stories we have wanted to tell about Andrews—and done that in a way that sometimes relies on only a few simple strokes or graphic elements, yet powerfully communicates and reinforces the messages we seek to communicate about our university. From 2001 to today, he’s put tools into our hands that have been practical, effective and elegant, the sorts of things that I always hope for when I have the opportunity to work with collaborative, innovative and creative marketing design partners.”

Stephen Payne
VP, Division of Integrated Marketing & Communication
Andrews University

“Seven years ago, when Andrews University needed expert design help to brand the Andrews Study Bible, it was no surprise that the university’s in-house communication team turned to Mark Cook and his team. Cook’s insightful, high quality service has become a hallmark of Andrews’ identity, as the Study Bible has become a compelling force in advancing the work of the Advent movement around the world—great design for the Good News.”

Ronald Knott
Director, Andrews University Press
publisher of the Andrews Study Bible

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