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Building Hope

Hope Trending was a non-traditional evangelistic series that took place in the fall of 2016, initiated by Pioneer Memorial Church. Richard Parke, Director of Media Ministries, asked Types & Symbols to design an identity toolkit to guide the various marketing applications to be created by their internal team.

HOPE Trending-2

Defining the tone

We worked with Richard’s team to understand the goals of Hope Trending and establish a brand tone to guide the identity design. With a thoughtful approach to the dual audience—those hosting and attending the event—we worked through a list of adjectives to arrive at the following set:


HOPE Trending-6

Establishing the visual approach

With the brand tone established, we created a few different directions that fit the required tone. We utilized bold color, atypical layouts, and abstract representations of trends.

With the team’s feedback we worked through a few iterations to arrive at the final direction: an engaging and recognizable visual puzzle that could serve as the basis for many different layout schemes.

Display 0633-10-10-1 2016-05-13
HOPE Trending-9
HOPE Trending-4

Expressing the brand

While all design requires precision, minimalist design systems are very dependent on small details, as visual hierarchy is often conveyed through less overt visual cues. To help the team at Pioneer Memorial Church, we created identity guidelines and provided examples of the type scale, grid, and color scheme in use.

After we handed off the guidelines, the team at PMC has built out a number of pieces, including social media images, magazine ads, and teaser videos.

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