Client project

Elevating a mission

The Opportunity

Reach Nepal is an organization that was started by Adventist young people with the goal of empowering and reaching Nepal’s most underserved communities with the hope and healing of Jesus.

They work to empower indigenous followers of Jesus to meet the physical needs of their neighbors, develop media resources, and conduct community health clinics and expos.

Recognizing the value and influence of good design, they reached out to us to help develop and launch their brand, with the purpose of communicating to their dual audience of donors and the people of Nepal. We developed an identity system as well as a toolkit for use in future materials.

Defining the tone

The client sought to convey an energetic personality with their brand, intending to demonstrate confidence while also referencing a grassroots visual style. We worked to strike a mix of clean and grunge, playing with conventions of mission-style graphic design to create a distinctive look that differentiated Reach Nepal from the often photoshop-heavy approaches of similar organizations.

To achieve this goal, we sourced a handwritten-style typeface to be used in the wordmark and brand messaging. We chose one with extensive alternate characters, so that repeated letters in the same word wouldn’t give away the digital typesetting, while also making it easy to create additional applications.


Creating the icon

To create their identifying mark, we drew inspiration from the peaks of Nepal, working with the light and dark contours of snow-covered ridges to communicate both an upward and outward reach.


Designing the stationery system

To establish the system we created letterhead, envelopes, and business cards. We used drastic scale and cropping for the handwritten type with clean layout, color, and supporting type to strike a distinctive balance between clean and grunge.


Extending the applications

We also designed a number of sample applications to reinforce the brand personality of Reach Nepal and demonstrate the identity system in use.


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