Client project

Visualizing Communication

The Opportunity

Society of Adventist Communicators (SAC) is a professional organization for communicators working in and for the Seventh-day Adventist church.

The Society holds a yearly gathering filled with keynotes, workshops, performances, and networking sessions, aiming to facilitate cross-pollination of best-practices for church communication. The yearly convention connects people, ideas, and organizations, all with the goal of helping the church communicate the good news even more beautifully.

Types & Symbols was asked to develop the event identity for the 2017 convention, held in the city of Portland Oregon.

Defining the tone

To lay a foundation for the design system, we began the project by working through a brand tone card-sorting exercise in which we evaluated, discussed, and sorted through hundreds of adjectives to arrive at a set of attributes that we wanted the design system to communicate. We arrived at the following set:



Exploring multiple approaches

When explored along with this year’s theme—“Building Bridges”—the brand tone adjectives began to suggest a number of concepts. We began with rough sketches and simple illustrations of systems that could begin to communicate the brand attributes when paired with additional design elements like imagery, color, and patterns.


Expressing the brand

After refining and presenting the most successful concepts, the SAC board decided move forward with a concept that directly played on the theme for this year’s convention.

Inspired by the geometry of the Fremont bridge in Portland, Oregon, the convention identity primarily takes the form of a deconstructed bridge puzzle, inviting and empowering attendees to collaborate in building bridges, real and figurative, through engaging and dynamic visual treatments.

Letterhead 0426 2018-03-18
Object 0924-1 2018-03-18

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