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Celebrating the Son

The Opportunity

Sonscreen is a yearly film festival celebrating and supporting Christian film and filmmakers, sponsored by The North American Division of Seventh-day Adventists. Since 2016, Julio Muñoz, Associate Director of Communication, has asked Types & Symbols to design the event identity and apply it across a range of print, digital, and animated pieces, creating the promotional materials as well as the event collateral.

2018: Reframing an event

For the 2018 Sonscreen Film Festival, Types & Symbols created a flexible symbol based on a sun in a screen that could be used to frame content across the many applications. 

The wordmark for Sonscreen is built from a custom-drawn, bold version of Advent Sans, aligning with the NAD identity system while still remaining distinct.

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Plus Banner 8032-4 2018-08-17
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Social media response

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2018_T-Shirt MockUp_v1_r2

2017: Increasing Exposure

For the 2017 Sonscreen identity, we worked with our photography partner, Marc Ullom, to create a series of images that highlighted the tools of the trade through a cyanotype photography technique (a process which uses the sun's reaction to chemicals to create an image). The resulting images were applied across the event materials from name badges to animated interstitials.

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Sonscreen-2017_T-Shirt MockUp_v1_r2
badge mockups

2016: Spotlight on Filmmakers

We explored a wide range of concepts for the event identity, from photographic prints to abstract representations of film camera machinery. We worked with Julio to select the direction that best encapsulated his goals for the 2016 festival, and chose a flexible, variable identity system that references a number of film-related motifs: theater seats, spotlights, classic marquee lighting, and the sun.

Generating interest

To create an engaging promotional campaign, we curated a set of quotes from significant figures in the film industry; and created poster kits to be sent to each of the schools invited with a different quote on each of the 20 posters. Similarly, we developed pre-scheduled social-media posts with different quotes.


Introducing the event

We created opening titles for the event, choosing to play with the spotlight motif as names of participating schools and organizations were revealed. We also developed bumpers for each of the categories featured in the festival, as well as category montages for the awards presentation.


Leaving an impression

We wanted to give attendees materials that they would keep long after the event, so we created t-shirts, keep-sake posters, and custom name-tags with a high attention to production details.


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