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The Light and Life Collection is a beautifully designed, expertly crafted edition of three of Ellen White’s most beloved books.

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In the scriptures we find a God who is deeply invested in beauty; in crafting meaningful aesthetic experiences. Through types and symbols of serpents on poles, spotless lambs, Sabbath rests, and so many festivals, this God reminds His people of how He has led, and points to a future when all beauty will be restored. We find that we still need reminding, and that beautiful metaphors, designs, and experiences can still help us to know Truth.


What we’re working on right now:

What we’re working on right now:

Layout and design for a family of magazines

Strategy and design for a global celebration of creation

An heirloom edition of the Conflict of the Ages series

AW03-18 Cover

“Types and Symbols have a proven ability to translate broad strategic visions into engaging and thoroughly unique design experiences. The quality of design work across our products, spanning both the digital and print domains, has been outstanding, and their relentless focus on quality and a sound user experience has made them an invaluable partner to our organization.”

Daniel Bruneau
Head of Experience Design,
Adventist Review Ministries

“Seven years ago, when Andrews University needed expert design help to brand the Andrews Study Bible, it was no surprise that the university’s in-house communication team turned to Mark Cook and his team. Cook’s insightful, high quality service has become a hallmark of Andrews’ identity, as the Study Bible has become a compelling force in advancing the work of the Advent movement around the world—great design for the Good News.”

Ronald Knott
Director, Andrews University Press
publisher of the Andrews Study Bible

Recent Projects

Recent Projects